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Gorgeous vest knitted with double yarn slides right into the wardrobe. SIZES Small (Medium) Large (Extra Large). MEASUREMENTS Width: 114 (120) 126 (136) cm. Full length: 70 (72) 74 (76) cm. YARN Air, 78% suri alpaca, 22% nylon Sky, 70% baby alpaca, 30% silk Yarn consumption: Air: 100 (100) 125 (125) g light gray-pink no. DL 105 100 (100) 125 (125) g cinnamon no. DL 119 Sky: 200 (225) 225 (250) g pink No. DL 306 The whole garment is knitted with 3 double yarn, 1 thread in each color. PINS Round needle size 5.5 mm KNITTING TIGHTNESS 20 sts in braid on needle size 5.5 mm = 10 cm in width. ACCESSORIES 1 needle to close the vest with. The front pieces are further than the back piece, so you can wrap yourself tightly in this jacket, possibly close it with a nice belt or a nice needle! The product will be sent to you as an email file.

KHD 102 EMILIE vest with braids

  • Knitting pattern, sent to you by email after via received your order and payment.

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