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Golden rain
Sweater with braids and round hem

Sometimes when I work on a new design I fail to crack the code for the calculation. That's how it was with that sweater. I knitted it myself to find out the folds on the support piece and was very pleased. Then I had to work out the pattern in several sizes, and it became a challenge, therefore the sweater only comes in two sizes, but the garment is very elastic. But here it is, the first sweater in the series “Straight in the braid”, where I have designed a series of braid designs.

Small / Medium (Medium / Large)

Upper width: 91 (102) cm, the garment is very elastic
Full length: 63 (67) cm
Sleeve length: approx. 47 (50) cm or desired length

Hexa, 100% finest alpaca from Du Store Alpaca
Concorde, 36% polyester, 64% viscose from PT yarn
Yarn consumption
550 (600) g mottled golden brown Hexa no. 931 = color 1
25 (25) g copper Concorde No. 24 = color 2

Pin No. 6
Crochet hook no. 4

20 sts in braid on needle size 6 mm = 10 cm in width

You will receive a link to the file once you have paid

KH Straight in braid 101 GOLD RAIN

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