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Huldra skirt

Long skirt with cables and lace.

- Kid Silk Haze

I Love this skirt! I use it often for

photographing, since it fit a lot of my garments.


Small / Medium (Large / X-Large).


Width down: 193 (214) cm.

Waist: Waist is adjusted with the waistband.

Length: ca. 88 (94) cm.


Kid Silk Haze, 70% mohair, 30% silk from Rowan.

Yarn needed:

200 (225) g Kid Silk Haze no 590


Circular needles 3 and 3.5 mm.


27 sts lace pattern with cables between on needle

3.5 mm = 10 cm.

ACCESSORIES: 1.5 cm wide elastic in matching


Lace pattern and cables: See Chart.

An e-mail with the link to a PDF of the pattern will be sent to you just after we have recieved your payment - do check your spam. Please let us know if you do not recive it.

Huldra - long skirt with cables and lace pattern

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