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Sweater with stripes.
- Kid Silk and Emotion
An elegant sweater with raglan and stripes
with shade transitions.

Small (Medium) Large (X Large) XX Large.

Width: 90 (96) 102 (112) 122 cm.
Full length: 61 (63) 65 (67) 69 cm.
Sleeve length: ca. 47 (48) 48 (49) 49 cm.

Emotion, 100% wool, from Mondial.
Kid Seta, 70% Super Kid Mohair and 30% silk,
from Mondial.
Yarn needed:
125 (150) 175 (200) 225 grams Kid Seta no. 0515 =
Color 1.
150 (150) 150 (300) 300 grams Emotion no.
752 = Color 2.

Circular needles 80 and 40 cm 3.5 and 4 mm.

19 sts st st on needle 4 mm with 2 threads Kid
Seta or 1 thread Emotion = 10 cm wide.
NB! St st with 2 threads Kid Seta takes up more
width than one thread Emotion.

It is important that you knit the parts in the
mentioned order, starting with the sleeves, then the
body. This to make the color transitions looking as
nice as possible.

The pattern will be sent to you by a PDF file on e-mail, if you do not receive it please check your spam and if still not found contact me on e-mail

English pattern E 115 SHADY - Sweater with stripes and raglan

  • The recipe will be sent to you as an email with a download link. Should you not receive the e-mail, please contact

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