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Design guide for knitters

Compose your own garments step-by-step

Become your own knitting designer without having to calculate the number of stitches along the way - you can also change details, such as neckline, sleeve stitching etc. on other patterns.

This design guide is a unique tool for you who have been knitting for a while and who want to create your own designs with your own distinctive character. In this book you get help to put together the cut and shape of the garment.

The book is divided into different parts, which step by step allows you to compose your own garment and shows you what choices you have to make along the way.

It is set up as a menu to choose from; bodices, sleeves, necks and details - and the best thing is that Kari Hestnes has calculated the number of stitches for all the variants in all sizes (Small - X Large). This way you do not have to calculate yourself, and can unleash your creativity.

You will also receive simple instructions on which cuts will suit you best, and tips for choosing yarn.

This is an encyclopedia you will enjoy for many years to come.

The book was first published in 2010 with the title KNITTING - Compose your own garments
step-by-step .

Design guide for knitters - e-book

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