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The Knitting Book

- a world full of colors

Kari Hestnes

In The Knitting Book, I invite you into my colorful world. A world of gorgeous and timeless knitting designs in all the colors of the rainbow. Here you get beautiful cardigans, airy shawls, soft sweaters and tough hats, all knitted in the softest alpaca. The knitting techniques in the book vary, from the simplest to the simplest, to the more advanced and more labor-intensive.

Both the beginner and the more experienced knitter can find their favorites among the 45 designs the book offers.

Colors have fascinated me as far back as I can remember and after working with colors in color and style analysis for a number of years, I began to be interested in how colors affected us inside as well. I began to explore the chakras through ancient Eastern wisdom about how the chakras, our energy centers, are closely linked to the different colors. Red gives grounding and awakens the ability to stand safely on the ground, yellow nourishes the intellect and challenges the ego, blue helps us to choose and listen to the truth, while pastels whisper in a quiet voice and are perfect for babies.

Here you will find 48 timeless and elegant designs that are suitable for both everyday and parties, delicious accessories, lovely cozy sweaters and beautiful cardigans. Most techniques are represented, including hole knitting, pattern knitting, braids and embossing knitting.


Welcome to a journey through the rainbow!




Kari Hestnes heads lectures and workshops based on her knitting books.


"With colors on the pins"

Based on her knitting book, The Knitting Book, Kari Hestnes invites you into her colorful world. She will give you an introduction to color theory and then give you a thorough introduction to how colors affect you. This is based on the Eastern wisdom of the chakras. Colors are energy, vibration and we sit with the knitting in our laps - of course it affects us, says Kari. And afterwards we wear it on the body. Wouldn't it have been exciting to learn more about this? Know a little more about why some colors attract you while others you can not stand?

Kari shows designs from her book and ends the lecture with a color meditation.

About. 1.5 hours


Order The Knitting Book here:


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